Herkules Tissue/Film

ATC has a wide range of film and tissue tapes. This product line includes thin tapes with a carrier of film or tissue. Film can be either PP or PET and is coated with adhesive on both sides. Tissue is more like a thin paper that provides stability but still flowing into the surface structure.

  • For applications both indoors and outdoors
  • Bonds materials such as paper, plastic,
    metal, mdf, fabric and leather
  • Thin, flexible tapes
  • Instant adhesion


Our products are covered by:




Thk. (mm)


Herkules 4000 PET Acrylic 0,22 Read more
Herkules 4010 Tissue Acrylic 0,15 Read more
Herkules 4020 Tissue Acrylic 0,11 Read more
Herkules 4030 Tissue Rubber 0,13 Read more
Herkules 4060 Tissue Rubber 0,25 Read more
Herkules 5010 PP Rubber 0,11 Read more
Herkules 5030 PET Acrylic 0,16 Read more
Herkules 5050 PET Polysiloxane 0,10 Read more
Herkules 7010 Rayon Acrylic 0,22 Read more