Cloth Tapes

Single sided tape with a backing of fabric (cotton or polyester) coated with adhesive on one side. The tape will be stable and durable.

Available in a variety of colors, our standard colors are black, silver, white, red and yellow. For larger volumes, the material can also be ordered in orange, dark green, light green, olive green, dark blue, light blue, brown, beige, pink and purple.

Used for sealing, wrapping, packing, wrapping, masking, protection, etc. Available with rubber adhesive.


Cloth tape products:




Thi. (mm)



Jupiter 8005 Woven cloth Rubber 0,32 Black Read more
Jupiter 8010 Woven cloth Rubber 0,32 Yellow Read more
Jupiter 8015 Woven cloth Rubber 0,32 Silver Read more
Jupiter 8020 Woven cloth Rubber 0,32 Red Read more
Jupiter 8025 Woven cloth Rubber 0,32 White Read more