Anti-Friction Tapes

Special single sided tapes with properties to minimize friction, noise and vibrations. Teflon materials for high temperature requirements. The products are single sided and can be used directly on the final product or production equipment / processes.

These products can handle both high and low temperatures, and the material is smooth and resistant towards chemicals. Available in various thicknesses and finishes. Available with silicone, acrylic and rubber adhesive.


Anti-friction tape products:




Thi. (mm)


Jupiter 5710 Film/UHMW Rubber 0,180 Read more
Jupiter 5715 Film/UHMW Rubber 0,300 Read more
Jupiter 5720 Film/UHMW Acrylic 0,170 Read more
Jupiter 5730 PTFE/Glass Cloth Silicone 0,120 Read more
Jupiter 5735 PTFE Silicone 0,180 Read more
Jupiter 5740 PTFE/Glass Cloth Silicone 0,170 Read more