Acrylic foam tapes

Replaces conventional methods such as welding, riveting, etc.




Double-sided tapes

Thin to thick for surfaces such as metal, glass and plastic.




Single sided tapes

With a variety of applications such as masking, marking, sealing, etc.




Electrical tapes

As well as leading or insulate against electricity, heating / cooling, and discharging static electricity.


Our converting services

Spooled rolls

We offer fully customized rolls ranging from a few millimeters in width, and you will save money by the minimal waste. We provide a wide range of materials and sizes.

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Rotary die-cutting

Rotary die cutting allows us to punch tapes and adhesives very effectively. Commonly used in mass production.

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Laser die-cutting

In order to quickly be able to produce prototypes and small series, we have a laser die-cut equipment. All you need is a digital file of the part and you can have your prototypes the next day.

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Flatbed die-cutting

Flatbed die-cutting is used to be able to die-cut thicker materials such as foam and rubber. This method is great for smaller quantities.

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With high tolerance, we cut tapes and laminates to a tolerance of + -0.2 mm in width. This allows the customer to get a roll at exactly the desired width.

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About ATC Tape Converting

For more than 20 years we have specialised in tape and converting adhesive materials. Our combined expertise and resources in adhesives, die-cutting and application techniques are therefore very extensive.

Close collaboration with suppliers all over the world allows us to offer our customers the best product range and the highest quality available.


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